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Chile Recipes

These recipes are the way that we make them, so you can always add or subtract to your taste. All of these meals are for one person, so depending on how many people you are serving you will need to double, triple, etc. the amount of food. Please remember that our red chile is already seasoned, so you might want to taste it before adding any other spices. Please read the whole recipe before trying, so it will be easier for you to know what you need to do.

There are many different meals that can be made with our products, here are a few ideas:

Huevos Rancheros:
Ingredients: Eva's frozen red chile or red chile pods, corn tortillas, eggs, and shredded cheese.

Directions: You will start out by lightly frying two corn tortillas, while you are heating up the red chile in a pot. Then cook two eggs over medium. After, place the two tortillas on a plate followed by the two eggs, pour some already warmed up chile on top and add shredded cheese. Serve with refried beans, potatoes, and a warm flour tortilla or (toast) for a great breakfast meal.


Red Chile Meat and Potatoes:
Ingredients: Eva's frozen red chile or red chile pods, about 8 oz. of steak meat, two or three potatoes.

Directions: First you will cut the meat into small cubes, and peel the potatoes and also cut them into small cubes. Make sure you keep them seperated for now, cook the meat on a medium temperature, and fry the potatoes until they are cooked but still soft. While cooking you can start defrosting the chile. When both are already cooked to your liking mix them together and add the chile. Let the chile warm up until it starts to simmer for a few minutes, and serve on a plate with beans, rice, and a warm tortilla, or you can just make it inot a burrito.


Mexican Nachos:
Ingredients: Eva's frozen red chile or red chile pods, about 10 oz. of tostada chips, beans, ground beef, and shredded cheese.(You can also try different meats if you dont like ground beef.)

Directions: First you will need to make refried beans, and cook the ground beef to your liking. While it is cooking you can start to warm up the red chile. When everything is ready, pour the tostada chips on a plate (try to distribute evenly), then put some refried beans on top of the chips followed by the ground beef, then the chile, to top it off put the shredded cheese.(If you want to add lettuce, tomatoes, or onions feel free.)

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