PO BOX 307
ARREY, NM 87930
(575) 267-5397

Our History

In 1959 Manuel Baquera Sr. came to the United States on the 'Bracero Work Program' from Chihuahua, Mexico. Manuel had only a third grade education, but was determined to achieve the 'American Dream.' He started out in farming, his hard work payed off when his employer offered Manuel to crop share. While crop sharing Manuel began saving money to buy his own land. When Manuel bought land in 1967 he began to farm chile, as well as starting a chile processing plant, under the label 'Baquera's Chile Products.

By 1985 Manuel had built a succesful business, but was forced to retire due to medical reasons, that is when his oldest son Angel Baquera Sr. took over and started MBJ Packing, LLC. Angel made renovations to the plant to become more modernized, increase production, as well as becoming a more efficient facility. Angel ran the business until 2004, this is when Angel decided to invest in buying 'Eva's Blue Ribbon Chile.' Now MBJ Packing, LLC and Eva's Blue Ribbon Chile are a third generation company. With strong family and ethical ties we will do our best to succeed, to compete with foreign markets, while continuing to offer the best quality products that our company has to offer.

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